The Suitland Residential Façade Program

The Suitland Residential Façade Program is a grant to renovate the exterior of homes in Suitland, District Heights, and Capitol Heights. Some of the renovations include energy efficient windows and framing, landscaping, lighting, roof repair/replacement, brick work, walkways, fencing, doors and much more.

To qualify, the property must meet three (3) eligibility criteria: 1) be a single family/ townhome/ condo owner-occupied primary/principal residence; 2) be secured by a mortgage or other security interest in the case of a condominium; and 3) not have any subordinate liens. Homeowners must be able to demonstrate that their future income will enable them to sustain their mortgage payments.

There are six (6) streets in Prince George’s County where homeowners are eligible for these grants. They include Dowell Lane, Glenn Drive, Houston Street, Navy Day Drive, Gaylord Drive and Key Turn Street. These streets are in District Heights, Capitol Heights and Suitland.