Only active members in good financial standing shall be eligible to serve as Standing Committee Chairpersons.

All Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed
by the President following the installation of new officers for a term of one (1) year and may be reappointed. Please refer to SCA bylaws.

  • Bylaws
  • Community Affairs Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Publicity Committee
  • Ways & Means Committee

The Suitland Civic Association has eight Standing Committees; Bylaws, Community Affairs, Finance, Legislative, Membership, Program, Publicity and Ways & Mean Committee, and four Special Committees; Audit, History, Hospitality and Nominating Committee.  Below is a list of the committees and their responsibilities.  If you are interested in serving on one of these committees you must be a member in good financial standing.

Standing Committee

Bylaws Committee:

  1. Maintain an accurate and current set of bylaws.
  2. Assure that current copies of bylaws are distributed to all members through the Membership Committee.
  3. Receive copies from the Recording Secretary of motions affecting bylaws and amend accordingly.
  4. Request Executive Board and general membership to submit written suggestions for additions, deletions or changes of a permanent nature to the Bylaws Committee prior to the September regular membership meeting.
  5. Present proposed bylaws amendments to the Executive Board at its September meeting for presentation to the October regular membership meeting and for adoption at the November (annual) membership meeting.

Community Affairs Committee:

  1. Plan and coordinate programs for youth, senior citizens, crime reduction, and heath with seminars to meet the needs of the Suitland residents.
  2. Coordinate with the President all programs for the development of the Suitland and adjacent areas that affect the Suitland residents.
  3. Establish criteria for awarding scholarships.
  4. Recommend recipients of scholarship award to the Executive Board.
  5. Assist in a feasible way the families that are in immediate need, with the approval of the Executive Board.

Finance Committee:

  1. Review all incoming and expenditures from the previous years to evaluate the Association’s financial status.
  2. Construct a proposed budget for presentation to the Executive Board in October for presentation to the membership at the November (Annual) membership meeting.
  3. Finance Committee Chairperson shall serve as a liaison between the Executive Board and general membership on all financial matters.
  4. The Finance Committee Chairperson shall serve as ex-officio member for all committees requiring expenditures from the Association funds.

Legislative Committee:

  1. Study issues affecting community, county and state legislation and report all matters of interest to the membership with the approval of the Executive Board.
  2. Coordinate a voter registration program.
  3. Cooperate with other groups to work for legislation affecting the Suitland area.
  4. Assist President in preparation of testimony/presentation on legislation issues and governmental appointments affecting the Suitland area.
  5. Plan and arrange a Candidate Forum in election year.

Membership Committee:

Conduct a membership drive once a year and shall at all times strive to increase the active membership of the Association.

  1. Maintain Membership attendance in permanent record book (Ref ARTICLE X, Section 3).
  2. Issue membership applications, forward membership dues promptly to Financial Secretary, and name/address of new members to the Newsletter Editor.
  3. Maintain membership file from data in enrollment form.
  4. Prepare membership packet and distribute to membership/new members.
  5. Prepare and distribute a Membership Directory with  updates as required.
  6. Verify voting eligibility of membership at election meeting.

Program Committee:

  1. Develop and present in January of each year a well coordinated annual program to meet the objectives of the Association.
  2. The Committee Chairperson shall present the program, speakers or panelists at regular membership meetings.

Publicity Committee:

  1. Publicize all fundraising, social activities of the Association through radio, television, cable, newspapers, press releases, other appropriate media (website).
  2. Publish roster of newly elected officers in December issue of the Newsletter.
  3. Publish a Newsletter as communication vehicle to the membership and business community of the Suitland area.
  4. Solicit subscription ads from the business community in Suitland.

Ways & Means Committee:

  1. Develop and implement projects to raise funds to support the Association’s programs.
  2. Submit, for approval of Executive Board, suggested fund raising activities for the year with budget needs and margin of profit.
  3. Announce fundraisers in Newsletter.

Special Committees

Audit Committee:

Consist of two (2) members, in good financial standing and one (1) member of the Board of Trustees to perform an annual audit of the Treasurer’s financial records within twenty (20) days after the close of the term (December 31st).

History Committee:

  1. Be chaired by the Historian.
  2. Collect, maintain and preserve in an appropriate form one copy of all newspaper articles pertaining to the Association and other printed material.
  3. Maintain a permanent record of all programs and projects in which the Association participates during the year.

Hospitality Committee:

  1. Coordinate with the Chaplin the Association members’ well being.
  2. Send Association’s expressions of kindness, with card to acknowledge birthdays, extended illness and with certificate of condolence upon death of Association members and their immediate family members (spouse, parents, and children).
  3. Solicit food donations from membership, when requested/required.

The Nominating Committee:

  1. Be composed of at least three (3) members in good financial standing.
  2. Be elected at the September regular membership meeting.
  3. Prepare and present a slate of one or more eligible nominees for each office at the October regular membership meeting.
  4. Prepare ballots, reporting forms for tellers, when required.
  5. Forward sealed package of ballots and reports to the Recording Secretary to retain for no less than sixty (60) days.

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