About Us

About SCA, Inc.

The Suitland Civic Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as an information gathering and action taking network providing residents with local activities, services, programs as well as county and state resources as we become aware of them. As the oldest continuously chartered civic association in Suitland and Prince Georges County, Maryland (until someone produces a charter that refutes our claim), we represent an organized body of individual members and businesses that vigorously advocate for the Suitland community. Our current membership believes in what we are doing, regularly attends and participates in all meetings possible on a volunteer basis, support and campaign for those programs in the community interest while at the same time, providing the moral values, integrity and ethical oversight every well managed organization requires. The association aims to serve the community and champion the needs of every family and resident within the traditional boundaries of Suitland, with a focus on addressing various community concerns such as infrastructure issues, crime prevention, educational and social issues with local, state and/or federal political officials as required and we don’t get upset when anyone steps up to perform grass cutting, painting or clean up as needed.

The Suitland Civic Association, Inc. offers residents who become members the opportunity to make and meet new friends who share a common interest, build stronger relationships with your neighbors, churches, businesses and elected officials, add a little something new to your resume, try out a position with us before going into corporate or government service, take pride in rearranging the skyline inside the DMV beltway or initiate a project for the public good that we have yet to address. You can do this and more in a community that will be able to review and implement the vision for revitalization and growth in Suitland because your participation increases our leverage with local government and other community stakeholders.

Membership dues for the Suitland Civic Association, Inc. are collected annually and the rate per year is $45 for business owners, $36 for couples, and $24 for individual persons.  Association meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. every third Monday of each month (except July and August) and we regularly finish in two hours or less.  During such meetings we address all community concerns, whether public or personal, as well as review various initiatives and activities that may be implemented to improve our neighborhood as a whole.

Anyone who desires to be part of an organization that promotes unity and strength for the common good, anyone who believes it is possible that the Suitland Civic Association, Inc. is such an organization, anyone who is interested in becoming a member or supporter of the SCA, Inc., especially those who are juggling working, raising a family and/or are involved in caring for those who raised you, you are a perfect fit for us! You should make it your business to join right now, so click here.